How to obtain a OpenPGP Card manufacturer id?

Christoph Heitkamp info at
Sun Apr 24 16:40:29 CEST 2016


we want to deploy an OpenPGP card compatible applet to our hackerspace
warpzone [1] member cards.
We are going to deploy it onto 75..100 cards.

According to the specification [2] an unique manufacturer id and S/N are

Is there an official way to obtain an manufacturer id from the FSF Europe?
I have seen 0x1337 is assigned to Warsaw hackerspace - is it possible to
use any free number?
If yes I would pleased, if 0x2342 is assigned to us.

Or should I use the unmanaged S/N range (FF00..FFFE)?

Thank you.

Christoph Heitkamp


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