How to obtain a OpenPGP Card manufacturer id?

Christoph Heitkamp info at
Mon Apr 25 17:55:14 CEST 2016

Am 25.04.2016 um 11:45 schrieb Werner Koch:

> I am maintaining this for the FSF Europe anyway, so the easiest way is
> to write me ;-).  Usually we like to have a snail address like
> warpzone e.V.
> Am Hawerkamp 31
> 48155 Münster
> and a contact mail for our files.

Thank you for your fast response.

The snail mail address is ok.
The official mail of the hackerspace committee is office at,
but my mail address should be ok, too.

> Well, you asked, it is not used, and the list is anyway short.  Thus I
> have now registered *0x2342 for warpzone e.v.*
> If now hackerspaces start to ask too often ID, I may eventually suggest
> to either use that range or share a new range range between 
> hackerspaces and use an hackerspaces internal registry.
> I do not want that gnupg/g10/card-util.c turns into a hackerspace
> registry.
We would gladly share this prefix with other hackerspaces. IMHO most
hackerspaces only need to deploy a small amount of cards.
I would suggest to use the first 2 byte of the S/N to identify the
hackerspace. I'm willing to maintain this list (maybe in a github repo).


Christoph Heitkamp

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