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Werner Koch:
>> > default-key 0xCBB15A68EF3AC804875D5C4E153FE398821C8394 # ilf
> That is not a common comment pattern.  The common pattern is to ignore 
> empty lines and lines with a '#' as first non white space character.  A 
> '#' somewhere on the line requires a more explicit grammar to consider 
> it has a "ignore the rest of the line".

I beg to differ. A few examples, randomly taken from GNU manuals:

> In the awk language, a comment starts with the number sign character 
> (‘#’) and continues to the end of the line. The ‘#’ does not have to 
> be the first character on the line.

> a word beginning with ‘#’ causes that word and all remaining 
> characters on that line to be ignored.

> In the Octave language, a comment starts with either the sharp sign 
> character, ‘#’, or the percent symbol ‘%’ and continues to the end of 
> the line. Any text following the sharp sign or percent symbol is 
> ignored by the Octave interpreter and not executed. The following 
> example shows whole line and partial line comments.
>   disp ("Blast Off!");  # Rocket leaves pad

> Comments in m4 are normally delimited by the characters ‘#’ and 
> newline.
>      `quoted text' # `commented text'

> According to Posix, Make comments start with # and continue until an 
> unescaped newline is reached.
>      $ make   # GNU make


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