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Sat Aug 6 17:50:40 CEST 2016

On Sat,  6 Aug 2016 16:36, ilf at said:

>> In the awk language, a comment starts with the number sign character

Right, that is a langugae with an explicit grammer and not a simple conf file.

>> In the Octave language, a comment starts with either the sharp sign
>> character, ‘#’, or the percent symbol ‘%’ and continues to the end


>> Comments in m4 are normally delimited by the characters ‘#’ and
>> newline.
>>      `quoted text' # `commented text'

As a macro processor m4 is pretty special and '#' can be arbitrary
redefined (note the "normally" above).

>> According to Posix, Make comments start with # and continue until an
>> unescaped newline is reached.
>>      $ make   # GNU make

Check out all the exception in the gmake manual.



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