command line keytocard

Meno Abels meno.abels at
Thu Dec 1 13:26:54 CET 2016


i tried to invoke from the  --card-edit menu the keytocard function within batch file. But that seams not work.

Which is a document feature —card-edit is a interactive tool. 

To make it working, I would try to implement —quick-keytocard in the same style like —quick-addkey.
I looked around in gpgme and didn’t not found any entry point which allows me to do keytocard.

My question is, if i try now to implement quick-keytocard, would you accept my patch? 

Or is there any other idea how to send a key from gpg to a smartcard within a batch?

I currently only know one bigger obstacle keytocard needs a passphrase and the adminpin both a gather via
pinentry. This leads to a extension to the batch mode command line (--no-tty --pinentry-mode loopback --passphrase-fd).

Thx in advance


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