RFC on issue 2701, default expiration time for new keys

Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Fri Dec 9 15:54:05 CET 2016


On Fri, 09 Dec 2016 15:48:43 +0100,
Alexander Strobel wrote:
> Am 09.12.2016 um 15:14 schrieb Neal H. Walfield:
> > The problem that I see is that the tools are not yet there.  With a
> > two year default, people are going to have to start extending the
> > expiration in about 18 to 20 months (to give time for the update to
> > propagate).  The tools (e.g., enigmail) should make extending the
> > expiration easy (e.g., a dialog: do you want to extend your key's
> > expiration for another two years?), but AFAIK they don't yet.
> Enigmail shows a messagebox when a key is about to expire. I think I saw
> something like 30 days before my key was about to expire.

Thanks for the correction!  I think 30 days is a bit short given the
delay propagation, but I'm happy that that feature is already there.

> In gpg4o we have a feature like this on out todo list for about three
> years now and we will probably implement it within the few months. :)

That's good to hear.

:) Neal

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