(OT) Problems with pip install gpg

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Wed Dec 21 22:44:23 CET 2016

On 21/12/16 19:39, Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson wrote:
> I don't understand why I'm getting pushback here.

I'm sure things look different from different angles, but I only saw
pushback /after/ your "ivory tower" post. Before that, I saw a reply
by someone who couldn't help you with the problem you asked about, but
did notice a different, real and existing security problem with your
setup. I was completely surprised and irked by the reply you gave to
that help, which contained SHOUTING and strong, generalizing
accusations. Hence my sarcasm that followed.

And here we now are, with nobody still talking about the original
problem. Not a welcome outcome, but that's life. I suggest we all forget
about this whole business and return to "pip install" and automatically
fetching GPGME, which seems like a really good idea and the Right Thing
To Do, if there aren't repercussions with multiple library versions on
one system.



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