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Thu Dec 22 15:41:38 CET 2016

On Thu, 22 Dec 2016 13:19, bre at said:

> This is what "pip install" is for. It automates this process, so
> a Python developer doesn't also have to be a C developer.

Does not need to be a C hacker.  The configure stuff even works for
Python and is activly used for this (e.g. Mailman).

> It (along with virtualenv) also handles scoping of the installed
> libraries, so developers don't have to install (potentially
> conflicting) development libraries system-wide. This involves

That is what /usr/local is for and configure defaults to this.

> Many are. It doesn't mean they're bad developers, it just means
> they've been able to specialize in other things because the
> sysadmin crap has been automated away.

sysadmin crap ?  Good that we are not close to the last Friday in July.

> build and configure GnuPG. In my opinion, people hacking on other
> things shouldn't have to.

I expect any developer to be able to build and install software on his
own Unix system.

> So if a developer wants to check out Mailpile, change the way
> e-mail addresses are formatted in the user interface and see it
> work, then requiring they know how to build and install GnuPG

Mailpile is writte in an interpreter langugae, right?  Thus they can
simply change the code and they are done.  No need to install anything.

> If you think this is unreasonable, then we will just have to
> agree to disagree on that.

Okay, let's disagree.

> will come to the same conclusion. The GnuPG team has repeatedly
> asked me to use GPGME, and I know some of the people on your team

and assigned a developer to write the required changes.

> are annoyed with me for not doing so. I am trying to explain why
> it's not happening. I would like to use GPGME instead of
> maintaining my own wrapper. But I can't - yet.

Okay, it seems we should give up on helping Mailpile.  Back then we
considered it a good idea to help Mailpile to get into a usable state
for everyone not just Python hacker.



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