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Bjarni Runar Einarsson bre at pagekite.net
Fri Dec 23 09:52:15 CET 2016

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Hi Werner,

Correcting some misunderstandings. Sorry.

Werner Koch <wk at gnupg.org> wrote:
> > So if a developer wants to check out Mailpile, change the way
> > e-mail addresses are formatted in the user interface and see it
> > work, then requiring they know how to build and install GnuPG
> Mailpile is writte in an interpreter langugae, right? Thus they
> can simply change the code and they are done. No need to
> install anything.

If they can't get Mailpile installed in the first place because
of complex dependencies, then they'll never get that far. The
fact that it is an interpreted language is irrelevant.

> > will come to the same conclusion. The GnuPG team has repeatedly
> > asked me to use GPGME, and I know some of the people on your team
> and assigned a developer to write the required changes.

You did this without asking me whether I wanted it, or seeking my
input on whether it was even a useful thing to do. You just threw
code over the wall: a patch that broke basic things in the app,
was unworkable for community reasons, and was also broken by
undocumented upstream changes before I had a chance to review it.

When I reached out to try and figure this out and give feedback
on what my needs really are (basically the same needs as any
Python app), your colleagues in Jabber heap me with abuse and
your reaction here is:

> Okay, it seems we should give up on helping Mailpile. Back then
> we considered it a good idea to help Mailpile to get into a
> usable state for everyone not just Python hacker.

The priority inversion you've made there speaks volumes.

You can't help Mailpile without helping Python hackers first. And
why in the world would you want that? Mailpile may fail, but the
Python community is vibrant and strong. Bet on them, not on me.

 - Bjarni

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