gpg-preset-passphrase not opening redirected socket.

Uldis Anšmits uldis.ansmits at
Tue Feb 9 15:23:47 CET 2016


On my build environment I hit the sun_path socket length limit.
This leads to gnupg2 unit test failure.

I was trying to work around the limit by configuring socket redirect in

The configuration file is:
cat <long path to gnupg2 build folder>/test/opengpg/S.gpg-agent
socket=<short path>/S.gpg-agent
Now tests are starting gpg-agent.

Unfortunately gpg-preset-passphrase does not read socket redirect
configuration and most tests still fail.

What is the reason not to use libassuan socket redirect implementation in

How to work correctly with GNUPGHOME longer than 108 (actually
96+"/S.gpg-agent") ?

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