does gpgv.exe need to depend on gpgconf?

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Feb 16 14:17:08 CET 2016

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016 10:33, dkg at said:

> Is this intentional?  It seems like a shame to need gpgconf.exe just to

No.  We can relax this requirement for gpgv.  It is only for Windows
because we use gpgconf to test for a portable application.  gpgconf is
used because it guarantees that a full gpg installation is there.

The easiest fix would be to remove

  fname = xstrconcat (dir, DIRSEP_S "gpgconf.exe", NULL);
  if (access (fname, F_OK))
    log_error ("required binary '%s' is not installed\n", fname);
      strcpy (fname + strlen (fname) - 3, "ctl");
      if (!access (fname, F_OK))
          /* gpgconf.ctl file found.  Record this fact.  */
          w32_portable_app = 1;

the error message.  It was useful during development but I think we can
do just fine without it.



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