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Hi Ben,

Am Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016 07:33:43 schrieb Ben McGinnes:
> I've got a duck out in a moment, so I'll come back to this thread when
> I get back.  

(No problem. I appreciate your work towards better python bindings!)

> For now, though: the pyme project was first started back 
> in around 2000 or 2001 and at that time SWIG was the best choice.

Yes, we've tried swig at that time as well for a different python library.
The maintenance work and lack of precision (because of the abstraction)
made us 

> Still, it is very dated now and there are better ways of doing it,
> which is why there are plans to replace pyme in its entirety with
> bindings using CFFI, which is getting a lot of attention from the PyPy
> developers and has already been leveraged very effectively in the
> project (pyca).

Until those plans come to be, we should select the better abstraction
I guess. (I do not have much experience with CFFI [1], the challenge will
be to map the C api of gpgme to an object oriented pythonic interface.)

> The pyme code here is basically just the result of porting the version
> of pyme on PyPI from Python 2 to Python 3.

Why did you choose porting pyme over pygpgme?
Which one do you consider more pythonic?

The challenge I see is that if there is an official python-gpgme
in a week or so, this API will need to be supported for a longer time.
Even if the implementation underneath could be completely replaced, 
the python API probably could not. So if pygpgme offers the better 
abstraction now, making the pyme abstraction official 
may pose a problem for the future.


[1] "Foreign Function Interface for Python 
calling C code."

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