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Hi Justus, hi all!

Am Montag, 6. Juni 2016 17:20:47 schrieb Justus Winter:
> Quoting Bernhard Reiter (2016-06-01 17:54:43)

> > your evaluation looks a bit biased because you are defending
> > what you have currently implemented.
> What else would I be defending?

My hope would be to be open for new aspects and viewpoints
that you have not considered previously.

> It defies your argument that using SWIG only pays off if you create
> bindings for more than one language, which can only be the case if
> there is a language-independend part to it, which there isn't.

I'll don't find the arguments I've read conclusive, but maybe SWIG has changed
over the years, so I'll take your word for its fitness.

> I'm thinking of providing joined operations,
> op_decrypt_verify+op_decrypt_result+op_verify_result =>
> decrypt_verify.  So there would be a second set of operations.

If possible good APIs offer one good way of doing things.

> > We should look at the API ideas of pygpgme, I guess.
> What ideas?  I'm tired of "make it more pythonic" with noone having a
> clear idea what that actually means.  I fear that it means something
> different for everyone. 

Acceptance within python programmers is an important goal
and "being pythonic" is a major keyword in reaching this goal.
So looking at pygpgme, and its usage can give us ideas there.
We may also check who is using pyme and pygpgme already.

> So until someone here actually provides a 
> constructive critique of the current pyme API, I'm going to sand-off
> the edges that would annoy me the most.

Specific criticism that (in some form) came up so far:
a) ugly names with "op_".
b) two ways of doing things where one operation would be enough

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