[GPA] option->description in confdialog.c

Ineiev ineiev at gnu.org
Sat Mar 26 10:43:38 CET 2016


I was testing i18n in GPA and noticed that some group labels are
truncated; I cheched confdialog.c and found out that there is
a 80-character limit for them:
 	  if (option->flags & GPGME_CONF_GROUP)
	      char name[80];

Now, if we use Cyrillics it's only 40 letters, which tends to be
insufficient for Slavic languages; I'd suggest allocating memory

Then, I saw that commas in the labels are shown as '%2c', in
other words, the descriptions should be unescaped (this also applies
to other pieces of confdialog.c). (I used current GPGME HEAD.)

At last, there is a bug in the percent_unescape function itself:
the resulting string is not closed by '\0' in its end, and when
the unescaping is not trivial, the the string shows a duplicate tail.

Thank you!
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