libgpg-error: Replace syscfg

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Mar 29 12:22:09 CEST 2016

On Mon, 21 Mar 2016 12:43, joerg.krause at said:

> All the information gen-posix-lock-obj provides are available at
> compile-time, so I do not see the necessity for a runtime tool to fetch

It is a compile time tool and not a runtime tool

>> an internal change to libgpg-error does not introduce a long chain of
>> required ABI changes to all software dependent on libgpg-error.
> I understand! However, as I said, there is no difference in the end
> between using gen-posix-lock-obj/syscfg/mkheader generating the lock
> part of gpg-error.h and defining the lock object directly in gpg-
> error.h. Both produces the same compilation unit.

That is true for the current implementaion.  However, this defines a
specific ABI which independent of the actual implementation.  Thus we
can add any time change the internal implementation without affecting
the ABI.

> Yes, but there are gazillions of possible triplets, which has to be

Nope.  config.sub canonicalizes the triplet.  See "Getting the Canonical
System Type" in the autoconf manual.



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