GPG_NAME vs. --gpg2-is-gpg vs. documentation vs. installation

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Wed Mar 30 16:53:20 CEST 2016

hi GnuPG folks--

i'm looking at what it would take to ship the GnuPG "modern" (2.1)
branch as /usr/bin/gpg and /usr/bin/gpgv. defines a GPG_NAME variable that determines what we call
gpg.  it also offers a --gpg2-is-gpg option, which sets the config
variable NAME_OF_INSTALLED_GPG.  These can be set independently from one
another, which is a little confusing, and NAME_OF_INSTALLED_GPG does
*not* set GPG_NAME if it is not otherwise set.

In addition to this, much of the documentation hard-codes "gpg2" or
"gpgv2", as do some embedded strings and help messages.

g10/ also contains explicit mentions of gpg2 and gpgv2, and
even provides an install-exec-hook for WinCE to rename gpg2 to gpg (but
not gpgv2), but that install-exec-hook doesn't trigger on other
platforms when --gpg2-is-gpg is set.

This seems a bit scattershot; is there some reason for it to be so?  I'd
prefer to consolidate all of these choices into a single boolean, set
once at ./configure time (--gpg2-is-gpg seems like a good place for
this), which could then propagate to the rest of the code and
documentation, covering both gpg and gpgv.

Any thoughts about making this sort of change?  I can supply a few
patches in this direction that should improve things, but i don't know
whether i'll be able to address every last piece.  Is the GnuPG project
be interested in this kind of work?

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