A new test framework: request for comments and testing

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu May 12 14:24:46 CEST 2016

Am Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016 16:19:14 schrieb Justus Winter:
> Quoting Bernhard Reiter (2016-05-10 15:44:40)

> > It build an ran a number of test, but hangs on
> > make[3]: Entering directory 'XYZ/gnupg-git/tests/pkits'
> > FAIL: import-all-certs

> >Overall if a test fails I expect the testsuite to continue.
> In general this is what's happening.  But in this particular case the
> test seems to hang.  I've seen it as well, haven't really
> investigated.

Okay, so a known problem. (Is there a list of known problems with 
justus/scm-9? May help to avoid reporting other already known issues.)

>    make -C tests/openpgp check TESTS="setup.scm decrypt.scm finish.scm"
> (runs only the decrypt test)

Thanks for the hint.

> Also, as mentioned before, I have written a README file, with
> instructions on how to run the tests, and it is documented there how
> to run a single test.  It would be really cool if people would read
> the documentation one has written :P

I did not find it (I was looking for it). As mentioned to you in personal
email, I think your emails do not reach the mailinglist so I could not look up 
what you wrote about the README file.

Best Regards,

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