Web Key Directory handling of IDN

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Mon Nov 7 16:23:25 CET 2016

On 07/11/16 16:00, Jürgen Schäpker wrote:
> Apparently there are lots of MTAs that support it. There is a
> standard SMTPUTF8 in RFC 6531.

I asked what normalization they do on the local part, not whether they
support it.

> In other words: if the standard doesn't work in reality, change
> reality.

I'm saying that there is an impersonation problem with your proposal. If
you register <jürgen at example.org>, I could register
<xn--jrgen-kva at example.org> and get my OpenPGP key in the WKD instead of

Please actually read what I am saying without resorting to cheap shots
that frankly are far off the bow. And yes, I'm mixing expressions :-).
Not sure it holds up to close scrutiny, but I thought it was nice.

If you did not understand something I said, just ask.

> You can't successfully disagree with reality.

That's funny, it's something I observe all the time! One word: atheist.
What I also observe is my unwillingness to conduct discussions when this
is the way it is done.

>> I don't follow this single admin line of thought. I simply do not
>> know what you mean.
> I don't think you are arguing honestly here.

I'm not arguing at all. I'm just asking you to clarify what you meant
because I didn't understand.



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