AW: Web Key Directory handling of IDN

Jürgen Schäpker Juergen.Schaepker at
Mon Nov 7 16:54:20 CET 2016


>I asked what normalization they do on the local part, not whether they
>support it.

Apparently NFC is used:

>> In other words: if the standard doesn't work in reality, change
>> reality.

>I'm saying that there is an impersonation problem with your proposal. If
>you register <jürgen at>, I could register
><xn--jrgen-kva at> and get my OpenPGP key in the WKD instead of

This can't happen when hashes are calculated from normalized full email addresses and uniqueness is checked by WKD/WKS before storing a new hash. It also cannot happen if email servers check for such collisions before registering addresses. Most domain registrators usually (offer to) register both domains automatically.

>Please actually read what I am saying without resorting to cheap shots
>that frankly are far off the bow. And yes, I'm mixing expressions :-).
>Not sure it holds up to close scrutiny, but I thought it was nice.

I'm sorry if my words seemed like cheap shots to you, they are not intended that way. But I do believe that a productive discussion needs intellectual honesty and curiosity from all. To just disregard scenarios and use cases one personally might not have thought about before seems somewhat lazy to me.

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