"UI Server Encrypt" section has unintelligible client and server conversation

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at
Thu Nov 10 23:08:40 CET 2016

Hi GnuPG folks--

The end of the "UI Server Encrypt" page of has the following
not-very-useful description:

Here is an example of a complete encryption sequence; client lines are
indicated by a C:, server responses by C::

         C:     S:     C:     S:     C:     S:     C:     S:     S:     C:     \
S:     C:     S:     C:     S: 


the source for this (doc/uiserver.texi) says:

  @clnt RESET
  @srvr OK
  @srvr OK
  @srvr OK
  @srvr S PROTOCOL OpenPGP
  @srvr OK
  @clnt INPUT FD=17
  @srvr OK
  @clnt OUTPUT FD=18
  @srvr OK
  @clnt ENCRYPT
  @srvr OK
@end group
@end smallexample

i'm not skilled enough with .texi to know what needs to be fixed here,
but i thought maybe someone else would know.

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