gpg 2.1.x can't retrieve any keys from any keyservers, gpg 2.0.x can ?

Peter Lebbing peter at
Wed Nov 30 22:05:21 CET 2016

On 30/11/16 20:59, lists at wrote:
> I've responded here, and it just gets dropped.  I've filed a bug, and
> it gets no further action.  That's all cool, it's "free", and
> obviously not my app.

Well, nobody could reproduce your issue. It works fine for everybody who
looked at it. And you indicated you needed more help to attach to the
process and use a debugger, but that is not an easily answered question.

Globally, it would be something like you run dirmngr in the GNU Debugger
(gdb) and put breakpoints in the functions Daniel mentioned (at least
that's loosely how I interpreted it), step through the code and check
why your systems, for whatever reason, do different stuff there than the
machines of people who tried to help seem to use. However, if you're not
acquainted with debugging C code in this way, it's not an easy thing to
explain, and since you're not paying anybody, they have to do it in
their spare time.

Obviously you could also pay for support, in that case somebody would
look at it for you. g10 Code for instance offers paid support for GnuPG,
but there are more parties providing paid support.

I would not say it "got dropped" or "got no further action". You were
asked for more details, but had problems providing them, asking how to
do this. Then, it did get a bit quiet, because it's not as simple as
"please press this button and tell us what the screen output is".



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