gpg 2.1.15, *no* keyservers found for submit/recv, "DNS query returned an error or no records: No such domain (nxdomain)"

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Mon Oct 10 00:47:29 CEST 2016


On Sun, Oct 9, 2016, at 03:38 PM, Phil Pennock wrote:
> What do you see?

	gpg-connect-agent --dirmngr
	> GETINFO dnsinfo
	OK - ADNS w/o Tor support
	> GETINFO tor
	ERR 167772416 False <Dirmngr> - Tor mode is NOT enabled

just fyi, more here @

> If you're configured for tor mode

I'm not ...

I've tried specifying

	-- no nameserver, using the default
	-- an external, 3rd-party NS (google @
	-- my own bind ns on my lan

All three cases show the same failure reported :-/

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