[PINENTRY PATCH] add efl-based frontend

Justus Winter justus at g10code.com
Thu Oct 13 14:27:21 CEST 2016

Hi Mike :)

Mike Blumenkrantz <zmike at samsung.com> writes:
> Attached is a patch implementing an efl-based gui frontend for pinentry.


> As a note, the formatting in pinentry-efl.c was done by using the
> 'indent' tool; I am not familiar enough with this coding style to
> manually make corrections if further changes are needed in this
> regard.

The formatting of the code looks nice, thanks.

The formatting of the commit message, however, does not.  Details can
be found in the already mentioned doc/HACKING file.  At the very least,
try to make it blend in with the other commit messages ;)

> Thanks for your time and review,

I tried to compile it, but failed to do so because it depends on a very
recent libelementary which is only available from Debian experimental,
and I failed to pull that in for some reason.

In any case, that means that your pinentry won't be usable for the
majority until the required version reaches end users.  You might want
to try to relax this a little (though ofc I don't know anything about
libelementary, so...).

But I noticed that despite me using ../configure --enable-pinentry-efl,
the failed version check was not fatal.  I'd say it should abort if the
user explicitly asked for it but the requirements were not met.

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