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Fri Oct 14 00:08:07 CEST 2016

[ james: if you haven't been reading this already, this is the
  continuation of a thread started here: ]

On Thu 2016-10-13 13:20:36 -0400, Jameson Graef Rollins wrote:
> But obviously what would really be best is 'python-gpgme'.  Has there
> been any serious effort to reach out to the current holders of the
> python-gpgme namespace to see if they would be willing to hand over
> their project to gnupg upstream?  That would really be globally best for
> everyone, since they wouldn't have to maintain their bindings anymore,
> their interface is almost identical, and it would reduce the current
> clutter of implementations.

fwiw, i agree that the best name is "python-gpgme", and, having recently
ported a smallish project from python-gpgme to the new
upstream-supported bindings, the interfaces are definitely similar
(though maybe not "almost identical").

I'm cc'ing the upstream maintainer of
(James Henstridge) so that he knows this discussion is taking place and
can maybe weigh in here.  afaict there hasn't been a new release of
python-gpgme since 2012.  Maybe he'll be relieved at the thought that
someone else wants to pick it up :)

FWIW, the work for pyme to take over the namespace from python-gpgme
(should James be ok with that) isn't just about changing the name -- it
would also be about supporting the interfaces that python-gpgme has
already established so that its users could use the new version as a
drop-in replacement.  The easiest way to start that work would be to try
to run the python-gpgme test suite
against the current pyme and see what breaks.

This sort of "interface merge" might not be possible, of course -- the
two projects might already declare identical interfaces with different
semantics.  In that case (or in the case where James doesn't want to
relinquish responsibility for the python-gpgme module, or if everyone
thinks this is just too much effort), the next-best option might be to
just call it "python-gpgme2"; the incremented name acknowledges that
there is is an interface change, and when people ask "why the 2 in
gpgme2?" we can point back to the older project and say "we didn't want
to deal with a collision".  (i note that the current use of "pyme3" does
something similar, though with an arguably worse name)


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