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> No, because I believe the reason for Windows being a second class
> citizen is "political" (if I can put it that way) rather than

Windows is not a second class citizen.  I am pretty sure that more gpg
encrypted mails are sent from Windows hosts than from any other OS. 

And yes, it is political: We fully support Windows because a( privacy is
important and b) we want to make it easier to eventually switch over to
a free and and less prone to backdoors platform for all users

> technical. I think Werner's just confirmed this in another post.


> Quite apart from this, GPG2.1 changed the --with-fingerprint --with-colons listing format. Here's what a line looks like with 1.4:
> pub:-:2048:1:CAD0AE184C7798F2:2014-07-27:::-:Andrew Able (A test user) < at>: 

That was actually changed with 2.0.10 in 2009:

 * [gpg] The option --fixed-list-mode is now implicitly used and obsolete.

The --fixed-list-mode option was introduced with 1.0.5 in 2001 to fix a
bug in the colon listing.  If has ever since then been suggested for all
users.  Without that option you are simply not able to correctly get all



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