GnuPG API, gpgme (was: proposal python-gnupg2)

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Hi Vinay,

Am Dienstag 18 Oktober 2016 10:17:18 schrieb Vinay Sajip:
> > I believe the goal our GnuPG-Initiative is to add all needed
> > functionality to gpgme. It basically is a wrapper around calling
> > gpg(.exe).
> I had no idea that was the case, if I understand you correctly. I had
> assumed that gpgme was a lower-level library providing the basic crypto
> functionality, using common code used by gpg(.exe). If gpg(.exe) is the
> canonical foundation which everything else depends on, then where is the
> benefit of a Python binding over a C wrapper over gpg(.exe)? Python
> provides a reasonably good mechanism for interacting with subprocesses.
> I've probably misunderstood what you said, so please tell me if I have!

as also outlined in my other email (which I've send to you and the list a few 
minutes ago): In my understanding gpgme aims to be a good GnuPG API
in a sense that it will have advantages over calling gpg2(.exe) in all cases.
(There may be rare exceptions.) 

See the (a brief list) of advantages of gpgme in Andre's slides for his 
openpgp.conf talk ( )
The disadvantages there reduced by completions and higher level funcations
in the "official" version for languages like python.

Best Regards,

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