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On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 21:02, vinay_sajip at said:

> It's not technically impossible (AFAIK) to have libgpgme built using a
> Microsoft toolchain, is what I meant. There might be problems linking

Right, but we don't support it due to maintenance issues.

> it's just that some customers expect to use the MS toolchain for their
> applications, and using a gcc-built libgpgme there might be
> problematic.

We use that very gpgme with Outlook without problems.  The only minor
thing you need to do is to use gpgme_free() instead of free() where
gpgme returns malloced memory.  The manual describes this.  The reason
for this peculiarity is that gpgme may use a different libc version than
the caller.

> Another thing you said was that "not all features of gpg will be supported by GPGME". If that is the case, it seems to mean that wrapping over gpg.exe will be needed to get access to all features of GnuPG, or have I misunderstood?

If you have a valid and too esoteric use case for a certain feature, we
can put this into GPGME.  gpg has nearly 400 command line options and
many sub options - supporting them all in a generic e2e encryption API
does not make sense.



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