New pinentry program

Matan Nassau matan.nassau at
Thu Sep 8 20:01:37 CEST 2016


How do I build a new pinentry program? I understand I need to link against
libpinentry. I don't think I need the entire pinentry distribution to build
as part of my build, just the library part, right?

I tried to include in my project only pinentry.{h,c} argparse.{h,c} and
secmem. But when I try to build without any of the front ends, I fail at
link time because of (at least) missing pinentry handle function pointer

When I try to build the distribution pinentry without any of the front
ends, the configure script insists that I build at least one front end.

Is it possible to get libpinentry without any of the front ends, so I can
link against it my own front end?

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