Pinentry grabbing keyboard and mouse

William L. Thomson Jr. wlt-ml at
Thu Apr 13 22:26:12 CEST 2017

I was recently discussing the EFL/Enlightenment version of Pinentry
with the author of the patches previously sent to list, Mike
Blumenkrantz. Mike based his work off the GTK version. I opened a
task/ticket on the issue[1].

In looking at the QT and the newly added FLTK versions. I noticed
neither seem to be, unless I missed something, grabbing the keyboard
and mouse as the GTK version does.

I am not sure if that is legacy or the proper way. Or why other versions
do not seem to have that feature. Not sure if it is a requirement that
pinentry be blocking, take over keyboard and mouse. Such that the
window cannot be moved, nothing else done till passphrase entered,
confirmation, etc. Or that was just the choice of the GTK author at the
time of making that version.

Which is the correct way?
Is there a requirement on grabbing keyboard and mouse?
How come other versions seem to lack such feature?

I just want to be consistent with other versions. Also meet project
requirements, etc. I will be looking to further Mike's work to get it
accepted into Pinentry. Hopefully sooner than later, but I understand
this process can take some time.

Any information or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

William L. Thomson Jr.
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