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On Thursday 13 April 2017 16:26:12 William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
> In looking at the QT and the newly added FLTK versions. I noticed
> neither seem to be, unless I missed something, grabbing the keyboard
> and mouse as the GTK version does.
> I am not sure if that is legacy or the proper way. Or why other versions
> do not seem to have that feature. Not sure if it is a requirement that
> pinentry be blocking, take over keyboard and mouse. Such that the
> window cannot be moved, nothing else done till passphrase entered,
> confirmation, etc. Or that was just the choice of the GTK author at the
> time of making that version.
> Which is the correct way?
> Is there a requirement on grabbing keyboard and mouse?
> How come other versions seem to lack such feature?

Speaking for Qt I "recently" changed that behavior from a global grab to a 
focus depending grab. Now only when the input field has focus the keyboard is 
grabbed, with the intention to protect a bit against dumb keyloggers.

The discussion about this can be found here:

The biggest concern speaking for the global grab was, as I understood it, that 
it might help users not to enter their passphrase in the wrong window (e.g. a 
chat window).

My personal opinion is that the usability cost of global grabbing from a popup 
Window is too great for that advantage though. But others have different 

> I just want to be consistent with other versions. Also meet project
> requirements, etc.

I don't think there is any grabbing requirement.


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