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On Monday, July 31, 2017 3:52:48 PM CEST Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> announces the ability to sign documents under GNU/Linux.

I find it very nice that Libreoffice is starting to get support for GnuPG / 
OpenPGP. I'm really looking forward to encryption of documents because even I 
failed to get Libreoffice really working with my S/MIME certificates through 
Firefox. So this might be a real boost for crypto if it is more user friendly.

But [1], I tried this out and I found this is more of a proof of concept or 
prototype. OpenPGP Keys are "faked" to be S/MIME certs with fields like issuer 
etc. shown which is not a very nice user interface and there are big bugs in 
there. E.g. if you switch the signing key the GUI will show a different key 
then the Key which was acutally used for Signing even if you hit show 
signatures etc. I would not have considered the current state to be 
"production ready".

What I find mostly disappointing is that while there is the option to launch 
Kleopatra they have their own "Certificate Details" Dialog which is very ugly 
and does things like showing the Fingerprint in decimal notation. 
Using Kleopatra for Certificate Details is as easy as calling Kleopatra with 
the Fingerprint of the certificate. I would happily accept Patches to Kleopatra 
if Libreoffice would need some features there that are currently not offered.

On Monday, July 31, 2017 3:52:48 PM CEST Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> The notes link the following commit 
> which show some gpgme use.

It's nice to know that they use GPGME, even GpgME++, which shows that it was a 
good move to put the language binding into GPGME imo because I doubt that it 
would have been used otherwise. :-)


1: Disclaimer: My employer also bid on that project and we did not get it so 
take my criticism with a grain of salt because it's always easy to find fault 
with others ;-)

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