libreoffice uses gpgme to sign

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Tue Aug 1 22:43:23 CEST 2017

Hello world, 

> announces the ability to sign documents under GNU/Linux.

I'm a Libreoffice developer and I've been lurking on this ML for a while 
already (although I didn't have much to say so far :)) I was involved 
(together with my awesome colleagues Thorsten and Samuel) in implementing this 

So ye, in Libreoffice we're using gpgme (its C++ interface) and xmlsec to sign 
ODF documents, so far only on Linux (Windows support proved to be extremely 
tough nut to crack). For Libreoffice 6.0, PoC of encryption w/ gpgme is 

I'd like to encourage you people (should you feel like trying this Libreoffice 
feature for yourself) to file any issues you find into Document Foundation 
Bugzilla [1]. And if you could please tag them with "gpg4libre" keyword, it'd 
be helpful as it makes it easier for us to find those tickets ... thank you.
I'm most happy to listen and incorporate any other feedback you might have, 
anything that may help us to make this feature even better ... But now, 
holiday time, so back to the swimming pool 

> Background:
> That is probably is a result of the public tender

It is a result of that tender indeed.

Bubli .oO



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