explanation for phabricator labels "Bug Report" and "Feature Request"?

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Tue Aug 8 21:20:38 CEST 2017

On Tue,  8 Aug 2017 19:30, dkg at fifthhorseman.net said:

> i've submitted a few tasks to phabricator recently (e.g. T3345, T3323),
> where i mis-applied the labels "bug report" and "feature request".  i
> thought i was submitting sensible labels, but clearly i don't understand
> the semantics of the labels as they're intended to be used on

They are also new to us and we need to find a way to work with them.
T3345 is about too noisy diagnostics so a certain command.  I don't
consider this a bug because it does what it shall do but displays a bit
too many information in the presence of --quiet.  For that reason I
changed that to a Feature request (ie. "please make import-export" more
quiet).  It is not a bug because there are no hard rules on what --quiet

There is also the priority "Whishlist" which is similar to a Feature tag
but different in that it is on a list of items we need to decide whether
to implement.  For example T3323.  I am nort sure whether we want this
in the GPGME API because it may lead to API bloat and GPGME's intention
is not to wrap all esoteric gpg features.

> Is there documentation for how we should use those labels so i can get
> it right in the future?

Unfortunately not.  I usualay ask Marcus on Jabber what to do ;-).

Some hints: tags ("projects" in Phrabicator parlance) like "gnupg",
"gpgme", "libgcrypt" specify the relevant component.  "macOS" would tag
this as a macOS specific bug.  "Need Info" is a flag to mark a report as
waiting for info form someone else (in most cases the original poster).

"gnupg (gpg22)" puts that gnupg related bug on the workboard.  The
"gpg22" here indicates a milestone.

@marcus: Do you have other hints?  Can we add a wiki page to describe
their use, like we did with the help page on roundup?



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