Proposal with patch: Make socket directory host dependent

Rainer Perske rainer.perske at
Thu Nov 16 17:31:01 CET 2017


> Actually the default in 2.1 is to use a non-shared socket directry.

Thank you very much!

Unfortunately I cannot use /run/user/(userid) because it is maintained 
by systemd and in my webmailer situation it can be deleted even if the 
agent is still running. (systemd does not know anything about the 
sessions of a webmailer.)

But your objection brings me a much better and more simple idea:

Line 544 of common/homedir.c contains:

  static const char * const bases[] = { "/run", "/var/run", NULL};

Could you please prepend a configurable directory to this list?
I propose this most simple change:

  static const char * const bases[] = {
     "/run", "/var/run", NULL};

Then I can simply use your mechanism.

Best regards
Rainer Perske
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