DCO, was Re: Patch for T1644

Rainer Perske rainer.perske at uni-muenster.de
Fri Oct 20 16:51:11 CEST 2017

GnuPG Developer's Certificate of Origin.  Version 1.0

By making a contribution to the GnuPG project, I certify that:

(a) The contribution was created in whole or in part by me and I
    have the right to submit it under the free software license
    indicated in the file; or

(b) The contribution is based upon previous work that, to the
    best of my knowledge, is covered under an appropriate free
    software license and I have the right under that license to
    submit that work with modifications, whether created in whole
    or in part by me, under the same free software license
    (unless I am permitted to submit under a different license),
    as indicated in the file; or

(c) The contribution was provided directly to me by some other
    person who certified (a), (b) or (c) and I have not modified

(d) I understand and agree that this project and the contribution
    are public and that a record of the contribution (including
    all personal information I submit with it, including my
    sign-off) is maintained indefinitely and may be redistributed
    consistent with this project or the free software license(s)

Signed-off-by: Rainer Perske <rainer.perske at uni-muenster.de>

Signed with OpenPGP and with S/MIME

Best regards
Rainer Perske
System operations dept. and director of the certification authority (WWUCA)
Center for Information Processing (university computer center)

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
Zentrum für Informationsverarbeitung
Rainer Perske
Röntgenstraße 7-13
48149 Münster

phone: +49 251 83-31582
fax: +49 251 83-31555
e-mail: rainer.perske at uni-muenster.de
WWW: https://www.uni-muenster.de/ZIV/Mitarbeiter/RainerPerske.shtml
office: room 006, Röntgenstraße 11
site map: http://wwwuv2.uni-muenster.de/uniplan/?action=spot&gebnr=7474

Certification Authority of the University of Münster (WWUCA):
phone: +49 251 83-31590
fax: +49 251 83-31555
e-mail: ca at uni-muenster.de
WWW: https://www.uni-muenster.de/WWUCA/

Center for Information Processing:
phone: +49 251 83-31600 (Mon-Fri 7:30-17:30)
fax: +49 251 83-31555
e-mail: ziv at uni-muenster.de
WWW: https://www.uni-muenster.de/ZIV/
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