pinentry-tqt for the trinity desktop (former KDE3/Qt3 code)

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On Sun, 22 Oct 2017 14:54:52 +0200
Werner Koch <wk at> wrote:

> On Sat, 21 Oct 2017 16:34, wlt-ml at said:
> > You can also add it to phabricator as a differential. That way devs
> > can merge directly from there. You can also update the patch in
> > phabricator as needed. Usually the preferred work flow to pulling
> > patch.  
> FWIW, I try to avoid that Phrabicator thing because it requires me to
> use a pretty large, aehm, PHP command line tool along with online
> access while merging a patch.  If someone knows a way to extract a
> proper GIT patch out of Phrabicator, please let me know.  To me
> patches via mail are much easier to work with.

That is good to know! I was not clear before and seemed the ones I
added to phab via differential got reviews and feedback. At first I
kept posting updates to list with URL link to git repo, direct patch.
But those never seemed to get any comments. That was surely easier to
provide than messing with phabricator. Maybe I should have send the
actual patch to list vs link.

If phabricator is not making it easier for the developer to merge.
Then its pointless as its not convenient for either contributor or
developer. Though that may improve in time. Seems its still pretty new,
and does stuff like sending people emails of their own activity :)

I am not familiar with phabricator, but seems it has some archanist
tool. If that is what you were referring to had a large CLI command.
Seemed fairly simple but I haven't used it so cannot say.

William L. Thomson Jr.
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