pinentry-tqt for the trinity desktop (former KDE3/Qt3 code)

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Sun Oct 29 06:47:54 CET 2017

Thank you for the clarification.
I was using the debian source as base for my work.

The above made tqt visible, but when trying to compile (create debian
packages on stretch)

        Pinentry v1.0.1-beta34 has been configured as follows:

        Revision:  4ebfa0b  (20159)
        Platform:  x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

        Curses Pinentry ..: no
        TTY Pinentry .....: yes
        Emacs Pinentry ...: no
        GTK+-2 Pinentry ..: no
        GNOME 3 Pinentry .: no
        Qt Pinentry ......: no
        TQt Pinentry .....: yes
        W32 Pinentry .....: no
        FLTK Pinentry ....: no

        Fallback to Curses: no
        Emacs integration : no

        libsecret ........: no

        Default Pinentry .: pinentry-tty

1. I get following error:

In file included from ../../tqt/secqlineedit.cpp:1955:0:
./secqlineedit.moc: In member function 'virtual bool
SecTQLineEdit::tqt_property(int, int, TQVariant*)':
./secqlineedit.moc:355:32: error: 'class SecTQLineEdit' has no member named
'hasMarkedText'; did you mean 'hasSelectedText'?
  case 1: *v = TQVariant( this->hasMarkedText(), 0 ); break;
Makefile:486: recipe for target 'secqlineedit.o' failed

=> I see #include "secqlineedit.moc" was introduced

--- pinentry-0.9.7-trinity/tqt/secqlineedit.cpp 2017-08-19
21:42:59.326843222 +0000
+++ pinentry-tqt/tqt/secqlineedit.cpp   2017-10-28 21:11:55.000000000 +0000
@@ -1951,3 +1951,5 @@
        textDirty = TRUE;
+#include "secqlineedit.moc"

=> removing hasMarkedText (as it is flagged obsolete) solves the problem

2. Compile still failed with:

rm -rf $backupdir; exit $rc
../../doc/pinentry.texi:5: @include: could not find version.texi
../../doc/pinentry.texi:63: warning: undefined flag: EDITION
../../doc/pinentry.texi:63: warning: undefined flag: UPDATED
../../doc/pinentry.texi:64: warning: undefined flag: VERSION
../../doc/pinentry.texi:79: warning: undefined flag: VERSION
../../doc/pinentry.texi:80: warning: undefined flag: UPDATED
Makefile:402: recipe for target '../../doc/' failed
make[4]: *** [../../doc/] Error 1

=> creating version.texi in doc solves the problem and packages are build

3. How we can set pinentry-tqt to default?

How can be above issues approached? I did not install and tested the

thanks and regards

On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 11:01 AM, Damien Goutte-Gattat <
dgouttegattat at> wrote:

> On 10/28/2017 01:19 AM, deloptes wrote:
>> Hi Damien,
>> I'm sorry for bothering, but I had 5min free and cloned pinentry-tqt - I
>> did not see tqt in this location.
>>    git clone git:// pinentry-tqt
>>    ls pinentry-tqt/tqt
>>    ls: cannot access 'pinentry-tqt/tqt': No such file or directory
>> I surely missed something.
> The TQt code is in the "pinentry-tqt" branch. Here, you cloned my repo in
> the pinentry-tqt folder, but the repo's current branch is still "master".
> You need to switch to the "pinentry-tqt" branch first.
>   $ git clone git:// pinentry-tqt
>   $ cd pinentry-tqt
>   $ git checkout pinentry-tqt
> When I said "pull", I was expecting you to actually run
>   git pull git:// pinentry-tqt
> from an already existing copy of the upstream pinentry repo. That command
> would have had the effect of merging the pinentry-tqt branch
> of the remote repo to your current local branch.
> (In other words, the two following commands have similar syntax but
> completely different effects:
>   $ git clone git:// pinentry-tqt
>   $ git pull  git:// pinentry-tqt
> The first one creates a copy of the remote repo in the pinentry-tqt
> directory.
> The second one fetches and merges the pinentry-tqt branch from the remote
> repo into the current repo.)
> Damien
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