swdb.lst, gnupg21 and gnupg-2.2.0

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Tue Sep 5 10:14:36 CEST 2017

On Tue,  5 Sep 2017 07:17, gnupg-devel at spodhuis.org said:

> I have build scripts creating packages for a couple of OS variants which
> I care about, using the "latest upstream", and testing the changes to
> dual-build gnupg21 and gnupg22 I was "somewhat perplexed" at the results

Actually I tried to avoid any possible breakage by keeping gnupg21_ as
an alias for gnupg22_.  For example the older speedo build scripts used
gnupg21_ and I expected that other scripts might to it similar.

Here is a comment from swdb/mac, which is the source of swdb.lst:

# temporary keep it as "gnupg21".  In the future we will use the name of
# the stable branch even for the development versions.

There is also a new "gnupg20_" for the old stable branch with an alias
of "gnupg_" because that is how we did it in the past.  We will
eventually remove those aliases.

The next development branch will be 2.3 but its swdb prefix will be

Sorry for the trouble but frankly I am glad to see that the swdb.lst is
used beyond speedo.mk and the website.



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