WKD vs VV and VVV

Vincent Breitmoser look at my.amazin.horse
Wed Apr 25 13:17:16 CEST 2018

> as WKD is not "walkable"

E-Mail addresses are fairly walkable. If you consider a namespace like gmail,
you'd likely be able to find a lot of valid addresses (and their keys) with
a simple dictionary attack that combines names and numbers in the typical ways
they are used in email addresses. This has been discussed to death in the DANE
IETF working group, iirc, though I don't remember what the takeaway was.

> https://www.keys4all.de/media/Spychalski-et-al.pdf

Moneyquote: "Dennoch verschlusseln nach einer Umfrage des Digitalverbandes
BITKOM nur etwa 15% der Nutzer in Deutschland ihre E-Mails". (Roughly: A BITKOM
survey found that only 15% of users in Germany encrypt their E-Mails).

 - V

PS: I would like to point out to the international audience that even for German
speakers, both "Volksverschlüsselung" and "Verfahren zur Verteilung von
Verschlüsselungsschlüsseln" sound a little funny.

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