GPGME: looking for keys with respect to user settings

Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wiktor at
Mon Jul 9 10:13:26 CEST 2018

Hi Andre,

You answer, as usual, is exactly what I needed! :)

And this table is excellent:

> To clarify:
> LOCAL means "--list-keys"
> EXTERN means "--search"
> EXTERN | LOCAL means "--locate-key"

I noticed that LOCATE is described as equivalent to --locate-key in the 
but I didn't think other options work like that. Maybe because I'm 
thinking in gpg options this translation table really speaks to me.

Would it be too much detail if the documentation of keylist_mode also 
included --list-keys and --search in description of LOCAL and EXTERN?

(I didn't have LOCATE define on Ubuntu 18 packages but LOCAL|EXTERN work 
fine, just like you described).

Thanks for the debugging tip and have a nice day!

Kind regards,


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