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On Fri, 13 Jul 2018 07:22, gniibe at said:

> Since then, situation has been changed; pkg-config 0.27 and later allow
> --with-internal-glib option at configure time.  We also have pkgconf

Which is still a lot of code for a simple task.

> and GnuPG itself).   Now, using each *-config, GnuPG's linking has
> many -lgpg-error.
> It is only redundant, for normal case, that's true.

Right (we could enhance the config scripts to remove the duplicates but
it would only be cosmetic).

> Then, appending those to generate the executable kbxutil in gnugp/kbx,
> old libgpg-error is selected, unfortunately.

The cumulative effect of -L and its correct ordering is both a problem
and a feature.

How is pgk-config supposed to solve this?  

Of course we could do the original test linking stuff again to detect
this problem, but there ware may other build problems lingering when you
have several versions installed.



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