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On Friday, July 13, 2018 2:22:15 PM CEST NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> I'd like to adopt pkg-config methodology to GnuPG.  I mean,
> providing PACKAGE.pc.
> I know that we had discussions in the past.

Yes please. I had discussions with Werner about this some time ago and he 
OK'ed it at least for libgpg-error, libassuan and gpgme as long as it would be 
additional to the current -config scripts. The rationale was that we want to 
make it easy for developers to find / link gpgme using standard tools.

The cmake find scripts for GnuPG libraries are complicated and uncommon because 
they also support building natively "on Windows" against precompiled binaries 
(which is something we support) and there the -config scripts don't work at 
all. pkg-config files where the prefix variable can be changed would help with 

I just never got around to do it.

> Since then, situation has been changed; pkg-config 0.27 and later allow
> --with-internal-glib option at configure time.  We also have pkgconf
> now.  I think that our concern about dependency to another software is
> smaller now.
> So, I think that we can move now.

We are also using pkg-config to find other packages. So in my opinion it is 
strange that we don't play nice with pgk-config.

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