Python bindings HOWTO proof reader request

Jakub Wilk jwilk at
Thu Mar 15 17:09:19 CET 2018

* Ben McGinnes <ben at>, 2018-03-16, 00:00:

I had a superficial look at this:

>later version) and the GNU Lesser Public License version 2.1 (or

Common misspelling of the license name. Should be:
GNU Lesser *General* Public License

>strongly anticipated (e.g selecting and encrypting to a key known

Missing full stop after "g".

>afile = open("secret_plans.txt.asc", "wb")

More idiomatic and with better error handling:

    with open("secret_plans.txt.asc", "wb") as afile:

>c.home_dir = "/tmp/dmgpg"

Looks like insecure use of /tmp.

Jakub Wilk

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