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Fri Mar 16 15:23:27 CET 2018

On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 05:09:19PM +0100, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> * Ben McGinnes <ben at>, 2018-03-16, 00:00:
> >
> I had a superficial look at this:
> > later version) and the GNU Lesser Public License version 2.1 (or
> Common misspelling of the license name. Should be:
> GNU Lesser *General* Public License

Nice catch and since I copied and pasted from elsewhere in the project
I'll also go fix those too.

> > strongly anticipated (e.g selecting and encrypting to a key known
> Missing full stop after "g".

Another nice catch, I'll also doube check any "i.e." instances for the
same sort of thing.

> > afile = open("secret_plans.txt.asc", "wb")
> > afile.write(
> > afile.close()
> More idiomatic and with better error handling:
>    with open("secret_plans.txt.asc", "wb") as afile:
>        afile.write(

Good call.  Justus had a number of similar suggestions which I already
replied to and I'll be updating those as well as pretty much entirely
replacing the first encryption example and the decryption example.

> > c.home_dir = "/tmp/dmgpg"
> Looks like insecure use of /tmp.

Probably.  What I left out was that I'd chmodded the temp directory to
700 and it was going to be removed after running the examples.  In
fact, it already has been (though I did archive Danger Mouse's key,
just in case).

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