Multiple readers with scdaemon

Laurent Bigonville bigon at
Tue May 8 11:56:45 CEST 2018


I recently bought a yubikey. When connecting it to my laptop that 
already has a smartcard reader, gnupg is not detecting it when using pcscd.

I discovered that the readers detected by scdeamon is linked to the 
order the reader has been initialized by pcscd and only the first reader 
is used (as written in the manpage).

To make my yubikey work I had to add a "reader-port" option with (a 
substring of) the yubikey name, but surprisingly if the yubikey is not 
present it fails back to the other reader.

The situation is a bit weird, at the same time scdaemon is only using 
the first reader by default, adding "reader-port" make scdaemon uses 
that reader except if not present. Don't get me wrong the fact that 
fails back to the 1st reader is "good" in the sense that in the end it 
allows the use of 2 readers, but it's just weird IMHO.

Are there any plans to support multiples readers? Shouldn't 
"reader-port" makes scdeamon really stick to that reader and not 
fallback if not present (hasn't that security implications?) Shouldn't 
"reader-port" matches the full name of the reader instead of a substring 
of it?

Kind regards,

Laurent Bigonville

PS: I lost access to the email address of the account on the BTS, is 
there a way to reset the password of it without?

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