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Wed Jul 10 13:44:20 CEST 2019

Am Mittwoch 10 Juli 2019 11:20:57 schrieb Rainer Perske:
> > Because if the real name is not enough to identify a person, it is
> > not personal data.
> ... may not remain uncontested.
> A real name like Thomas Müller might be not enough to identify a
> person, because there are thousands of them but a real name like mine
> (Rainer Perske) is enough.

But then the condition of the if clause above
is not given and it is personal data.

To give some context: We are discussing how to deal with subcases
of an improved keyserver that distributes user ids, which is a helper function
of end-to-end crypto with OpenPGP. The question is when to decide
that it wasn't the user itself that used the name, but someone else.
The approach we think about is post-publication handling, like blog-providers, 
social networks and search engines.

> A real name is a highly sensitive personal datum and
> necessarily belongs to the data to be privacy protected. 

If we see bytes in two groups with an upper and a lower letter,
we can assume it is name, but we often cannot decide if it is and if it 
is personal data. For the proposed model this is not necessary, though.

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