GOST support in GnuPG

Paul Wolneykien manowar at altlinux.org
Tue Mar 19 10:40:20 CET 2019


  I'm working on adding the GOST (Russian EC crypto) support to GnuPG.
Currently I have a version where sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt
operations function properly (with some restrictions) in both PGP and
S/MIME modes. I want to know what is the official procedure to include
such a new functionality in GnuPG?

  My current set of patches are as follows:

    * GOST cases in g10, sm, common and the agent:
    * workaround for multi-URL CRLs in dirmngr:
    * GOST VKO algorithm in Libgcrypt:
    * GOST ASN.1 in Libksba:

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