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On Tue, Mar 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM Doron Behar <doron.behar at> wrote:

> > In my opinion, it might be better if there was a single executable (gpg)
> > that can accept both sets of CLI commands. If this is possible.
> >
> > In any case, I think that the aim should be to finally submit a patch to
> > the mainstream code, and hopefully it gets accepted. Distributing it
> > separately as an improved version of gpg is not going to work for many
> > reasons.
> I agree but say that building a single executable that will accept both
> CLI syntaxes won't be easy to implement, even submitting a patch to the
> mainstream code with the additional `ipg` executable would be a good as
> well right?

I would say this is acceptable, especially if we view this GSoC project as
an experimentation. The code produced by a GSoC project is not required to
be accepted by the main project, even if the GSoC project is successfull
(meets its objectives etc.)
However I am not a gnupg developer and I have no saying on this matter. If
the developers are firmly against the idea of this GSoC project, let them
speak and put an end to this story.

> If you are an experienced C programmer that's great. But you don't have to
> > be. You can also be an experienced `gpg` user. And anyway, the idea of
> > reorganizing the commands is yours and you know what you are aiming for
> > better than anyone. So, you can definitely be one of the mentors, if you
> > have time and if you want to be.
> I just wanted to notify you that today I've found out that I won't be
> able to submit this project to the next GSOC since I'm not a student yet
> and therefor I don't have a proof of enrollment. I wonder whether I can
> register as a mentor without being a student, if so it's probably not
> possible only yet.

According to the GSoC rules, there are no special requirements about the
mentors. It is the organization admins that decide whether you can be a
mentor of a project or not. In this case the organization is GNU. I don't
think they will refuse to make you a mentor, unless there is some oposition
from gnupg developers. This page has more details:

However the period that students submit project proposals has already
started, and this project idea is not published yet anywhere. Even if it is
published now, I wonder if any students will notice it and apply for it. If
you know some student that could work on this project you can let them know
personally. Then either you or the student can mail the project idea to:
summer-of-code at Maybe you should hurry up a bit because on April 9
is the student application deadline ( I would be
willing to advice you, if nothing else, at least about the rules and
requirements of GSoC.

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