Multiple readers with scdaemon

Laurent Bigonville bigon at
Wed Sep 18 17:28:45 CEST 2019


I'm coming back to this question after almost a year, but this is still
an issue for me as without pcscd support, I cannot use other smartcard
if scdaemon is running.

On 9/05/18 13:49, Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> Le 09/05/18 à 02:11, NIIBE Yutaka a écrit :
>> Laurent Bigonville <bigon at> wrote:
>>> Are there any plans to support multiples readers?
>> When you can disable PC/SC, multiple readers are supported by the
>> internal CCID driver of scdaemon (through libusb, directly).
> In that case I cannot use other smartcards if scdaemon is still
> running, this is quite annoying.
>> Currently, I don't have a specific plan to support multiple readers with
>> PC/SC.  There are different PC/SC implementations, I mean, the one of
>> Windows, the one of macOS, and pcsc-lite+libccid.  In this situation, it
>> is a bit harder for me to introduce new feature to scdaemon with PC/SC.
>> I could test with pcsc-lite, but major users of scdaemon with PC/SC are
>> on Windows or macOS.
>> And it seems for me that PC/SC is not actively developed on Windows and
>> macOS.  If it is the case, I'd like to put my energy to the internal
>> CCID driver.
>> BTW, I'm curious if the internal CCID driver can be used on Windows and
>> macOS.
> Isn't pcsc-lite used on MacOSX the same as the one on GNU/Linux?
If I can trust this
page(, it says

"PC/SC is the de facto cross-platform API for accessing smart card
readers. It is published by PC/SC Workgroup but the “reference
implementation” is Windows. Linux and Mac OS X use the open source
pcsc-lite package."

So this is far from being dead, and the API itself (not the pcsc-lite
implementation) is working on all platforms including MS/Windows

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