WKD support? (hkp4py beta support for vks (Hagrid keyserver))

Marcel Fest marcelf at selfnet.de
Sun Sep 29 18:16:21 CEST 2019

Hey GnuPG developers,

I have integrated the Hagrid KeyServer Support (vks://) to my Library.

The problem is that the library currently drops support for python under
3.5 because my code is written with type annotations. Is it necessary to
support python 2.7 or older python 3.x revisions.

As you can see on https://pythonclock.org/ python 2.7 eol will be in 3
months. Is it worth to support it.

I am also looking into supporting WKD. But i need some more time to
integrate that.

Code is available here under MIT. https://github.com/Selfnet/hkp4py

VKS is currently not merged into master feature/gpg-vks holds the code
for it.

Best Regards

Marcel Fest

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